HOYA Phoenix Safety Lenses


HOYA’s PHOENIX lenses offers more than any other middle index lens material; outstanding quality and undeniable safety as well as providing optimum visual performance.

A New Standard in Safety
Independent tests show that Phoenix Safety Lenses meets all the requirements of the 1337.6 2012 Safety Standards for prescription safety eyewe

High Optical Quality
Phoenix Safety Lenses guarantee crisp, clear vision across the entire surface of the lens, with a high Abbe value compared to polycarbonate lenses.

Hoya produce all lens designs in Safety - Single Vision, Bifocals and a broad range of standard to high-tech Progressive lenses.

UV Protection
Standard with UV Ban, 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Quality HOYA Coatings
Safety Lenses come with a choice of coating to improve vision and eye protection, such as Super Hard and VP coatings to improve scratch resistance and reduce reflection glare.

Thin and lightweight Lenses
Phoenix safety lenses are the lightest lenses on the market making them easy to wear while you are working. Specific gravity of phoenix lenses is 1.11 and water is 1.00, hence no other lens material is lighter.

Chemical Resistant
Phoenix Safety Lenses are completely resistant to common everyday chemicals unlike polycarbonate lenses.