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Eye Specialist (Ophthalmologist)

As a medical specialist an ophthalmologist is responsible for eye surgery and medical care of eye conditions. People are usually referred to an ophthalmologist by their general doctor or optometrist.


NZ registered optometrists provide a high standard of eyecare to the community and are responsible for conducting the majority of eye examinations for people. During these examinations they identify what correction a person may need to improve their vision and prescribe glasses, contact lenses or a variety of other solutions. They are trained to identify eye diseases and health related problems and as required will refer patients to the relevant medical provider (often the ophthalmologists).

It is recommended to have your eyes examined every 2-3 years and especially before getting new safety glasses.

Dispensing Opticians

A dispensing optician is like a pharmacist, they take the prescription which says what lens powers are needed to correct ones vision and then do all the work selecting the frames, choosing the lens types most appropriate for the prescription and person's lifestyle needs. They are responsible for getting the glasses manufactured, checking the workmanship and fitting the glasses to customer's face to make sure they are comfortable and secure.

They specialise in spectacles.

Optical Technician (Mechanic)

The technicians are responsible for grinding the lens surfaces and cutting the lenses to fit into the spectacle frame.



Safety Glasses

              - Rinse the glasses under warm water to remove dirt and dust

              - Clean with a detergent based cleaner to dissolve the facial oils

              - Rinse under warm water to flush all oils and residue material off the lens

              - Dry with a clean cotton towel