High Self Esteem Leads to Greater Staff Compliance 

Employers seek practical solutions for prescription safety eyewear while employees want comfort, good looks and ease of use.

HOYA has brought these factors together and focused on developing an exclusive range of good looking safety frames. Even the roughest and toughest of employees are conscious of how they look.

Clever employers recognise the benefit of making the staff feel good about themselves. So when the staff wear their glasses on their face, the risk of incidents decrease.

With Hoya Safety, employees have a large range of plastic and metal safety frames to choose from, including specialised positive seal products for dusty environments.


HOYA proprietary Phoenix Lens Material 

Safety glasses are exposed to some of the harshest work environments. HOYA's Phoenix lens material is more resistant to scratching, chemicals and heat making it the perfect material across all lens forms.

Phoenix lenses are available in clear, tinted (sunglass type tint), polarised (cut out horizontally reflected glare) and Sensity or Transition (colour change) options.

The combination of HOYA's frame choice and contemporary HOYA lenses made in Phoenix, make HOYA Safety eyewear a wining choice for employers.